Racing our Hot New Motorcycle

By far the coolest gift my kids (well any of us really!) received this Christmas was the Handcrafted All Carved Wood Motorcycle Rocker that my father-in-law made.  The entire motorcycle is handcrafted from wood and then painted.  My husband, the leather-worker, fashioned the leather seat (behind my back - apparently everyone knew about this thing except  me…..always the last to know).  My FIL even found a revving motor for the handlebars, not to mention the wheels actually move and the handlebars turn.  Because I can’t thank him enough for this beautiful masterpiece, I have to publicly acknowledge all of his hard work, time and skill that went into this.  There are rumors flying that he was still working on this on Xmas Eve.

Carved Wood Handcrafted Motorcycle

The boys have had a blast both riding & enjoying their hot, little motorcycle!  Not to mention taking on their new biker personas and beating the crap out of each other deciding who is going to ride first.  Uncle Marc would be so proud!

Vroom! Vroom!

And here’s the man behind the magic - Grandpa Chuck.  Check out more of his beautiful work here.

The Man Behind The Magic

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Circus/Carnival Party

Last weekend, The Destroyer celebrated his 2nd birthday.  We threw him a circus/carnival birthday party in the fellowship hall of our church.  The kids had plenty of space to run around and had a blast playing the games.

After calling several local clowns and all but falling over at their prices (If things don’t work out at my current job, I’m so becoming a clown!), I decided to purchase the Klutz Balloon Twisting book and some extra balloons.   My  husband (and later at the party, my brother) turned out to be the balloon twisting champion.  All I could make was a sword and a spastic looking dog. Below is a picture of Balloon Animal Training Camp.  My husband is actually making a magic wand in this picture.

Balloon Animal Training Camp

Since most of the carnival/circus paper goods I purchased from Oriental Trading had a red, yellow and blue pattern, I stuck with those colors.  One of the cute items I found on OT was the circus tent straw cups which are in the bottom right of this photo.  They were a big hit with the kiddies!  We started the party with finger foods including shrimp cocktail, a pretzel tray, cheez doodles, chips & dip and a veggie tray.  We later ordered pizza as the main dish.

Circus Party Food Table

Each table was decorated with a popcorn tub (found in the Target dollar spot) filled with popcorn.  I attached the balloons with those clippy things they sell to hold balloon down.  I surrounded the popcorn tub with little packs of animal crackers.

Circus Party Table Settings

Up close shot of the table centerpieces.  Several people told me that these animal crackers were awesome.  They, too, came from Oriental Trading.

Circus Party Table Centerpieces

I had a few games for the kids to play which included a Lollipop Tree, which I made from a plain old styrofoam cone and mini swirl lollipops from Oriental Trading.  I marked a few as the special pops which allowed the kids a bigger prize.  Since there were some tiny tots invited to the party, I did the fish game.  I found these fish (which floated beautifully) at the Christmas Tree Shop.  One fish was marked as the big winner.  The prizes were all animal toys from Oriental Trading (clappers, fish bouncy balls, animal pads & pencils, animal print sunglasses).

Circus Party Games

We also had a fish ring toss purchased from Oriental Trading and a circus themed bean bag toss purchase from Party City.  I found the circus cutouts online at Party Cheap. 

More Circus Party Games

The night before the party, I had the brilliant idea of doing a pin the tail on the donkey style game, but using the Destroyer’s face for a clown.  I drew the no-faced clown on posterboard with crayons and then printed a matching sized photo of the Destroyer onto cardstock.  Each face had a piece of double stick tape (from 3M) on the back.  When it was each kid’s turn, we put their name on the Destroyer’s face piece and let ‘em at it.  I’m very proud to say that outside of splashing in the fish game water, this game was the hit of the party!

Make Your Kid a Clown Circus Party Game

I purchased this Ka-Boom photo op online at Party Cheap.  It was surprisingly cheap (about $5).  I took pictures of each child that attended the party.

Circus Party Photo Op

I had originally planned to make the Popcorn Cupcakes from the Hello Cupcake book, but time did not allow.  I picked up this clown cake at Costco.  Mmmm….cake.  (If you didn’t already know, Costco makes really good cakes.)

Circus Party Clown Cake

 All in all, a good time was had by both the kids and the adults.

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Stacking Ring Baby Shower Gift

This past weekend was the baby shower for my sister in law.  I wanted to do something neat for her shower and decided to put together a gift that looked like a child’s stacking ring toy (though the random size of her portable high chair sort of screwed the pooch on the sizing of the boxes). 

Stacking Ring Baby Shower Gift

Each box had a theme and was appropriately marked with a tag.  These tags were simple to create.  I went to and picked out some hip looking fonts and printed the tags on normal copy paper.  I then glued them onto scrapbooking paper and embellished them with scrapbooking stickers relevant to that particular box’s theme. (In doing this, I also discovered that I am a glue dot sped.  I could not for the life of me get the stupid glue dots to come out in any sort of properly spaced line and half of them kept getting stuck on the edge of the dispenser….I’m guessing it is just me!)

Box Titles

 The Bathtime Box was the smallest box and contained a baby robe and some Sassy Snap and Squirt Sea Creatures.

Bathtime Box

 Next, came the Naptime box.  This box contained a Carter’s Easy-Fit Printed Crib Fitted Sheet - Blue/Green Dot, 2 fleece stretchies and the The Going-To-Bed Book by Sandra Boynton - one of mine and the boys’ favorite authors!

Naptime Box

 We were asked to bring a book for the child’s library, so I made an entire box.  This was the StoryTime Box.

Storytime Box

 The MealTime Box consisted of the Chicco TravelSeat Hook On Chair from the gift registry.

Mealtime Box

 The last box was a humungous box and therefore contained 2 themes - PlayTime and Dress-Up Time.  I included clothes - all with a monster theme (because I found some cute monster items!) - ranging from sizes 0-3 months all the way up to 12 months.  Moms generally tend to get a ton of smaller sized clothes, but nothing for later on.  For PlayTime, I included Baby Einstein Stack and Discover Blocks, a Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker, a JellyCat Jungly Tails Book and a little stuffed turtle toy that was also a soft story book.

Playtime & Dress-Up Time Box

 I also made her a diaper cake.  I included size 1 Huggies diapers in the middle layers and size 2 Pampers on the outside.  I tried to give a variety since it took us some trial and error to find out that my boys were Pampers boys. (Tip - This cookie monster doll was a bit large and heavy and I got it to sit upright atop the cake by rubber banding it to one of those silly, squiggly straws!)

Cookie Monster Diaper Cake

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Cookie Decorating Frosting Palette

It has become tradition in our house to make Pie Dough Cookies for Thanksgiving.  They are simple to make and the kids love decorating their turkeys, leaves and pumpkins.  Previous cookie decorating messes have led me to this trick which significantly decreases the mess and clean-up:  I give each child a plate for their cookies.  I give them another plate on which I make piles of various colors of frosting - similar to an artist’s palette.  I then give them brand new paint brushes which they use to dip into the frosting and then smear onto the cookies.  This eliminates wasting frosting and allows for some beautiful colors on the cookies.

Cookie Decorating Frosting Palette

Cookie Decorating Frosting Palette

We then top the frosting with sprinkles and decorator’s sugar.  Though,  I still haven’t quite figured out how to eliminate the waste of sprinkles.  Even the slotted tops can’t stop my boys from dumping out half of the container onto one cookie!

Decorating Thanksgiving Cookies

 And of course with every new idea comes a completely new set of problems - how to keep the frosting utensils out of our mouths before they make it to the cookies!

Caught Eating the Frosting

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Sending Holiday Cheer to Our Troops

One of our family members is currently stationed in Qatar with the Air Force.  Since  these brave men and women do not get much time off and probably won’t get to have too much of a “real” holiday, I decided to send a little holiday cheer their way.

Sending Holiday Cheer to Our Troops

This is what I sent out today.  The holiday cheer box included Santa Hats, Elf Hats, Stockings with Glitter Glue pens for names, chapstick, a holiday puzzle, nut mixes, 2 Hershey’s kisses ornaments, 2 holiday rice krispietreats, the ELF movie, gum and some ornaments.  I also included one of those cheesy cards that plays music (mine sang a cool version of Deck the Halls).  It isn’t much, but I’m hoping that it brings some folks verseas some joy this holiday season.

If you don’t know of anyone stationed overseas, there are many ways you can bring a soldier some joy this holiday season.  Donate to the USO.  Send a card via Holiday Mail for Heroes (must be done by Dec. 7).  Support The Troops and Any Soldier offer various options such as getting a pen pal or sending a care package.  Or just send a simple online message via the US Dept of Defense.

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