WW Update - Week 53

Pounds lost in Week 53: -1.8 pounds

Total weight lost so far : 25.8 pounds

What a disappointing weight-in.  But, it truly was my own fault. 1) We took the kids to Great Wold Lodge and I ate absolutely NOTHING healthy.  2) Last week, I had one of those weeks where all I wanted was chocolate and crap food.  While, I tried to be good, I gave in to a few cravings.  But, Great Wolf was sort of an eye opener for me.  I had to put on a bathing suit.  And even though I’ve seen myself in my bathing suit before and not minded too much, this weekend, I just felt like I looked fat.  You know those weeks?  Sometimes I have them even when I lose weight.  I’m desperately trying to stick to the program and will hopefully do better this week.  I wanted to start doing some morning exercises this week, however, due to making an ass of myself on the rope walk at Great Wolf Lodge (though I did make it across the 3rd time), I have to wait until the muscles in my arms and legs stop screaming.

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2 Responses to “WW Update - Week 53”

  1. Chris wrote:

    These weeks happen. Sometimes you just have to say, I had a good time and realize it’s not an everyday type of situation.

    Think about this: You have lost 25 pounds and kept it off. That’s AWESOME! You could easily have gained that back, but you have stuck with it, even if you have been back and forth the last several months. Maintaining is WAY harder than loosing.

    You can do it! I have total faith in you. Let those muscles heal and then teach them whose boss. :-)

  2. mamamamahoney wrote:


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