Non-WW Weigh-In #3


The diet Gods have been good to me this week.  Not only have I been extra careful in watching what I eat, I have found a new opportunity to get some more exercise into my routine.  I’m home 2 days a week when CheezWaster goes to pre-K.  It isn’t that far of a walk from our house.  So, weather permitting, the Destroyer and I will be walking CheezWaster to and from school on those days.  I even got in some extra walking this week by parking farther away from the park (not by choice, but by necessity).  Every little bit helps, as evidenced by the disappearance of Evil Pound #1 and Evil Pound #2 from my scale this week.  Let’s just hope I can keep them away!  They have been the bain of my diet existence for far too many months now!

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Pounds lost in Week 61: -3.4 pounds

Total weight lost so far : 26.4 pounds

I officially hate my “health” problems. Remember me talking about “old me” coming back with a vengeance last week? I was wrong. The vengeance came THIS week. Let’s forget that my face still looks like crap with all of the cysts, on Friday, I woke up and I felt like I was going to die - literally. I felt so sick and so terrible all over and I could hardly even stand up. I spent most of Friday laying on the couch, unable to move. I seem to have picked up whatever illness my kids brought home 2 weeks ago tenfold. I called my doc who was unable to see me, but graciously sent me a z-pack to the pharmacy. Then, I got my period - 2 week early - AGAIN (I thought we were past this crap with the new, ridiculously expensive birth control pills?!) - which explained why my body felt like someone beat it with a baseball bat. Lord only knows what is going on with me again. But, obviously no amount of vomiting or not eating this weekend could have spared me, what was by far, the most disappointing weigh-in ever. It was my last (due to my husband’s job loss) and I was hoping to go out on a high note. My weigh-in person even weighed me twice because she couldn’t believe how high/negative it was. Then, she asked me if it was “that time of the month”. I guess I’m not the only one with extra poundage issues around that time, but clearly my body hates me. Maybe by the time I hit menopause, I won’t have to deal with this crap anymore…..maybe.

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WW Update - Week 60

Pounds lost in Week 60: Probably negative a gazillion and 2

Total weight lost so far : not nearly enough

Yes, I completely punked out yesterday and did not go weigh-in.  Old me - you know the one with horrible stomach/bowel problems, even worse face problems and unusual random weight gain problems? - has made a not so welcome comeback.  According to my scale, this week I somehow gained 5 pounds - all that with eating salads and chicken, walking around Sesame Place (and not eating anything good) and sweating my ass off all week.  Please explain?!  Yeah - I can’t either and frankly I couldn’t bare another hit to my self-esteem this week seeing that scale go up.  So here’s to hoping that next week, my last week of official weigh-ins, will go as planned and I will hit 30.

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WW Update - Week 59

Pounds lost in Week 59: .4 of a pound

Total weight lost so far : 29.8 pounds

Can you believe it?  I missed 30 by .2.  UGH - talk about a letdown!  I don’t know what went wrong.  I basically ate the exact same thing as last week.  I sweat my butt off several nights this week peach picking, making jam and going to the fair (where I didn’t eat any of the tasty fair food!).  I thought for sure this was going to be my week.  Hopefully next week, though I guess I shouldn’t complain about a loss.  I’m rounding out my last few weeks at WW, before I attempt to have a go at it without official weigh-in.

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WW Update - Week 58

Pounds lost in Week 58: 1.2 pounds

Total weight lost so far : 29.4 pounds

30 you are SO close!  To conserve money, I started packing my lunch and breakfast for work this week instead of buying in the cafeteria and not only did it pay off in my bank account, but at weigh-in, too.  Without having to go to the cafeteria, there are no temptations, no impulse buys and I can much more effectively control what I am eating.  This week’s breakfasts have been whole wheat bagels with light cream cheese.  Lunches have consisted of salads with turkey breast, fruit, WW chips, & organic fruit leather.  And speaking of WW chips, have you tried the new Ranch Multigrain chips?  We got free samples last week and they are awesome.  So much so, that our location didn’t have any boxes left this week.  Hopefully they’ll be back in stock soon because they taste just like a potato chip but without all the fat and guilt!  30 - next week, you are mine!!!

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