Potty Training Hell

I am officially in potty training hell.  My 3 year old, The Destroyer, absolutely refuses to use the potty.  I know, I know, I should wait until he’s “ready”, but he’s 3 and he needs to start nursery school in September where he must at least be in a pull-up working on using the potty.  Oh and did I mention the nursery school will NOT deal with poop.  If he poops, someone has to come down and change him.  UGH!.  A few months ago, I was ecstatic when he told me he wanted to wear underwear.  I thought, “Great!  No pull-ups.  Let’s go cold turkey.”  He peed his pants once and that was the end of the underwear.  He now screams bloody murder every time we try to put them on him.  Seriously.  I’ve tried everything - potty books, the potty seat, the bells & whistles potty, the reward bag, having CheezWaster (Who is the most supportive big brother EVER) go to the potty with him, having him watch CheezWaster use the potty and still my stubborn little boy does not want to pee anywhere but a diaper.  This week, there has been a slight glimmer of hope.  We found this book at the library called “Once Upon a Potty”.  On one of the pages, it tells you how different parts of the body, including the penis and butthole, are useful - eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, etc.  He loved that it showed a butt with a hole and described that your poop comes out the hole in your butt.  And when I say loved it, I mean finds it so hilarious that it is really the only reason he likes this book.  But, he will sit and read the whole things which talks about the potty, so if potty humor is going to do it, well then so be it.  I also got him to sit on the potty last night.  We have this potty from CheezWaster, who incidentally never used it as a potty (he was awesome and went straight to the regular toilet).  It sings a song when the pee or poop triggers the sensor.  It also does some other neat sounds, like the toilet paper roll sound and sings some other songs about the potty.  I was hesitant to bust this out since CheezWaster only used it to play and hear the songs, but, The Destroyer just doesn’t want to sit on the real toilet at this point.  So, last night he sat and sat and sat…..for a good 10 or 15 minutes.  He didn’t pee, but at least we got him to sit.  I’m taking this slowly since he seems traumatized by it already.  So, again tonight, we will try to sit and maybe even pee this time.  And when it gets a bit warmer in NJ, there going to be a lot of naked Destroyer butt running around.

FYI - This is the next potty book I’m going to pick up.  The boys love Leslie Patricelli’s books and the Destroyer particularly likes the funny scenes involving this baby (like the don’t beat up your brother with your toys scene in No No Yes Yes).

Oh and if you’ve got some good tips - I’m all ears!!!

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I've Created a Potty Treat Monster!

Potty training is going AMAZINGLY well (knock on wood!)  CheezWaster is the champion pee-er and has been doing great with pooping on the potty.  Though, there has been one little spoiler to all of this success.  He now thinks that every time he pees on the potty he should get a small toy and a big toy for poops.  We started that to give him some incentive in the beginning when M&Ms and other food treats (a favorite of some of my mom friends) just weren’t cutting it.  My kid wouldn’t pee on the potty for an entire bag of M&Ms, much a less 2 or 3.  Anyway, over the weekend, we finally just bit the bullet and created a chart.  For every day that he doesn’t have an accident of any kind, he gets a sticker.  When he has 10 stickers, he gets to pull a paper out of the potty treat jar.  Each paper has something on it like a day of bowling, a night out for ice cream or a trip to our local kiddie amusement park.  I tried to list things on the papers that we would probably be doing over the summer anyway (since he is getting to good at this potty thing).  I don’t want him to regress, but I also don’t want him spoiled (any more than he already is!).  Today he peed on the potty at my parents’ house and told my mom that they had to go to Target to get a small toy now.  The monster rears its ugly head once again.  What have I done?????????

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Pick A Preposition

Yesterday was a really good potty day.  CheezWaster used the potty at the theatre (we saw Dora Live) and at Wendy’s (or shall we say ON, ALL OVER, UP & DOWN - pick your preposition - I’m sure any will apply the way his piss was flying in the bathroom - but at least it wasn’t my bathroom!)  He even continued to use the potty at home in the evening.  He did pee his pull-up at Family Dinner, though, because he was too busy running around like a maniac to take a potty break.  All in all - a really good day.

Today?  Not so much.  He again refused to use the potty at my parents’ house, so we shall see how this evening goes when we are back home.

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State of the Pants

CheezWaster’s Potty Training State of the Pants for Today

7:00 am - Dry Underpants (worn all night)

8:00 am - Dry Underpants

9:00 am - Pee Pee Underpants (and one very wet kitchen chair)

10:00 am - Naked Butt (refusal to wear anything)

11:00 am - Naked Butt (refusal to wear anything)

12:00 pm - Naked Butt (refusal to wear anything)

1:00 pm - Diego Easy-Ups

2:00 pm - Diego Easy-Ups

3:00 pm - Diego Easy-Ups

4:00 pm - Diego Easy-Ups

5:00 pm - Diego Easy-Ups

6:00 pm - Diego Easy-Ups (STILL DRY - YEAH!)

7:00 pm - Wet Diego Easy-Ups (The Flood Gates Opened)

8:00 pm - Dry Diego Easy-Ups and a Triumphant Return to Using the Potty at Home

9:00 pm - Used the potty to get Pez (hey - we’ll take what we can get!)

10:00 pm - Use the potty before bed (wearing dry Diego Pull-Ups)


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Back to the Drawing Board

I have succumbed and opened a pack of (previously hidden) diapers for CheezWaster.  After Thursday’s positive day, Friday and the rest of the weekend were a potty training disaster.  CheezWaster absolutely refused to use the potty, peed his pull-up and pajamas so much that it ran down his leg and made a big wet spot on the floor and peed his bed.  He has no real desire to use the potty and I have no real desire to keep cleaning up pee.  So…..we are going to let it go for a few weeks and see what happens.  We purchased Star Wars underwear and have left them out by the diaper changer hoping this will be some incentive/inspiration.  CheezWaster seems interested in what is on the underwear, just not in wearing them.  You know potty training is going badly/not working when the Star Wars freak refuses to use the potty even with the promise of the ultra cool purple lightsaber!

Oh and did I mention that when asked CheezWaster will tell you that he won’t use the potty until he is 6?  Guess I should start researching home schooling  :)

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