Small Dumper

Small Dumper

 So - the other day we were at the mall and we stopped into Playmobil with the kids.  The Playmobil store is always a great place to stop because 1) they have toys out for the kids to play with 2) after you have schlepped all over the mall they have a place for tired mommies like me to sit down and 3) if your kids beg you for a toy and you are a big sucker like me you can usually find something for less than $5.  While the kids were playing, my husband and I were looking at the wall of “extra” pieces you can buy for their massive sets, as they have some neat and unusual pieces there.  This particular one caught my eye.  I thought wow - what attention to detail.  Those wacky Germans (Playmobil is a German company and yes - I can rag on my own people if I want to) even thought to put a port-a-potty on their construction site playset.  Then, I burst into hysterics.  I mean it.  I was laughing like hell.  I could barely even tell my husband what I was laughing at.  I said, “Honey, look.  They have a port-a-potty for the construction site and they called it a ‘Small Dumper’.”  That is when he started laughing.  Look at the picture closely.  He said, “I think that is what the truck is called.  The port-a-potty is called a “Portable Bathroom”.  Classic!

Doesn’t your child’s playset need a Dumper or a Portable Bathroom?  You know you want one.  C’mon.  It’s funny.  Admit it.  You are laughing with me.  Right?  Check them out in our Shop!

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