Lego Party

For CheezWaster’s birthday, we decided to throw a Lego-themed party.  We again chose our church fellowship hall as the venue since it is so spacious.  For the invitation, I found a picture online of a construction scene that someone created with Legos and birthday candles.   I made the invitations on Snapfish with the picture using the title “We’re building a Birthday Party for Cheezwaster’s 5th Birthday”.  
I wanted to have some Lego type food, but I didn’t want to go crazy with attempting to make food look like Legos.  I found this Lego Man Cookie Cutter online and it was perfect and simple. 

Lego Man Cookie Cutter

 I had full intentions of making this Lego Cake.  However, Betty Crocker found a way to screw me the night before the party.  Despite greasing up that pan, my cake middle somehow stuck and I was left with this cake disaster.

When Betty Crocker Screws You, Make Cake Ball Pops!

 So, I decided to make Cake Ball Pops.  No use in throwing away a mostly good cake!  I had fully intended to make these all yellow and then use edible markers to draw on Lego man faces, however, I left them in the freezer too long and the chocolate froze on so fast, that the texture was not smooth enough.  So, I just made them in yellow, red and blue to match the standard Lego colors.

Cake Ball Pops

To decorate the Lego Man cookies, I used  these awesome Icing Writers.  They made decorating so easy and I didn’t have to mix up any icing.  Plus, they tasted great!  I tried to make different versions of Lego Men for variety and presentation.

Lego Man Cookies

After searching the many fabulous Lego themed items on Etsy, I decided on this banner as part of the decorations.  I also got 2 food flags and cupcake pics which you’ll see in pictures further down.  PARTYonBOUTIQUE put everything together for me, because let’s face it, I don’t have time to do the party pack myself.  However, if you have the time and are crafty, you have that option as well.  FYI - they have a ton of great party sets for other themes, too!

Lego Themed Banner

 We chose again to host the party in our church’s fellowship hall.  The room is quite spacious and allows the kids and adults some freedom.  I set the tables up with tablecloths in basic Lego colors - red, blue, yellow and green.  We purchased latex balloons in the same colors from the local Party City and supplemented with a few Lego foil balloons which I purchased online.

The Table Setups

 I used MegaBlocks to not only act as a centerpiece, but as the balloon holders as well.  We made a little structure on each table and tied on the balloons.

MegaBlocks as Centerpieces/Balloon Holders

I had saved some of my boys’ lego tubs which made great chip holders and added to the Lego themed decorations.  I also had a few small Lego posters from the Lego Club Magazines which I hung around the food tables.

Lego Tubs = Serving Bowls

In light of the aforementioned cake disaster, we served a cake from Costco, as well as the Cake Pops, the Lego Man Cookies and regular homemade cupcakes (from a cake mix) decorated with custom Lego Cake Picks.

The Sweets

 I used Blokz Candles, which look exactly like Legos, for the Costco Cake.

The Birthday Boy

The first activity we did was a Lego Hunt (no pictures - kids too fast - sorry).  We layed out and hid lego pieces in a room and gave each child a cup.  Whoever found the most pieces won a prize.  We also hid 2 lego treasure chests and whoever found those got a prize.  The kids loved this and had a ton of fun, though, it was over super fast.

Because I’ve decided that until my kids tell me this game is lame, I’m going to make a custom Pin the Whatever On game for each party.  For this one, I made a Lego Man and the kids had to pin on the Heads.  I simply printed out large versions of some Lego Head graphics I found in Google Images.

Pin the Head on the Lego Man

 Then, the kids moved onto building Lego cars.  This was the main activity of the party.  We purchased pieces from the Lego Brick Wall at the Lego Store and crafted a basic Lego car.  I then had buckets of random Lego pieces so the kids could customize their cars.

Building Our Lego Cars

 To help the kids with directions, I took individual pictures of each step, had them printed as 5 x 7 pictures and put them on a presentation board which I tacked to the cork board so everyone could see it at once.

Lego Building Instructions

 My husband crafted the most KICK-ASS car race ramp based on a design which we saw at a Lego promo event at Toys R Us.  The top had a hinged piece so the kids could line up their cars and then raise the piece so they would all go down at once.

The Race Ramp

 We used a Lego Font to make the Start and Finish signs on the ramp.  The letters looked like they were made from Lego Blocks.

The Finish Line

For the goodies bags, which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of, I used these yellow bags.  I used a sharpie and made a simple Lego Man Face on the outside (Sharpies ROCK!).  I included a Lego book which I purchased through Amazon’s 4 for 3 promotions, some Lego Block Candy which I purchased at a local candy shop, but it also available online here, a copy of the most current Lego club magazine, which Lego sent me for FREE (Call their customer service, they are SO nice!), and a Lego Truck or Airplane set from the Lego Favors pack(which I happened to get on sale, for half price, on the Lego website.  I’ve also seen these favor packs at my local Toys R Us.  The kids also got to take home the lego cars they built.

All in all, I think everyone had a great time - boys and girls……even the adults who decided to sit down and channel their inner child and play with Legos.

For more Lego party ideas to fit your needs, search the internet.  There are a wealth of great Lego party sites out there that helped contribute to making this the great party that it was!

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