First Day of Pre-K and another Schultuete (school cone)

Today was CheezWaster’s first day of Pre-K and I made him another Schultuete (school cone) - (my straight off the boat German parents never made me one so I’m going to over compensate by making one every year until my kids tell me they are too old for them). If you are interested in making one, check out the directions I posted from last year’s cone.

Schultuete (school cone)

This year’s theme was Superheroes.  I had so many stickers left from CheezWaster’s super hero party, I thought I’d put them to good use!

Because I knew that The Destroyer was going to freak if he didn’t get a present, too, I just had to pick up these cute little Playmobil kids that have their very own Schultuetes (school cones).  I don’t know if it is just because I’m German, but I just think these are super adorable!

Playmobil Schultuete (school cone) figures

Here are the goofball brothers with their first day of school treats.  Check out CheezWaster’s shoes.  They are the new Captain Rex shoes from Stride Rite’s Star Wars collection.  They light up this wicked blue color when he runs/stomps/jumps.  Even I think they are cool!  A definite must-have for any Star Wars fan!

First Day of School Treats

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Dinosaur Dig


CheezWaster received this My First Dino Kit for his birthday. 

My First Dino Kit

I had been saving it for a rainy day or wicked hot day and yesterday turned out to be the perfect day to try it (since our Board of Ed screwed up my plan for the day by altering the time of pre-school orientation without notifying the parents).  This kit includes 3 activities - a real dinosaur dig for bones, a build your own glow in the dark dinosaur and a grow a dinosaur.  The kit also includes a pair of safety goggles and 2 tools - a brush and a digger’s pick - for the dinosaur dig activity.  We started out with the grow a dinosaur activity.  I mean who doesn’t love these little things that grow in water.  I know I do.  Ours is still “growing” in the cup at home.  Tonight we will measure to see the difference in size.  Then, we moved onto the dinosaur dig.  Safety goggles are a MUST!

Safety First!

Then, we began our intense hunt for dino bones.  I grabbed an old cardboad box for this, as it was quite messy.  You definitely want to keep this contained.  My one negative comment about this set was that it only came with one digging tool.  2 kids - 1 tool = major problems!  The Destroyer was only happy so long using the brush before he, too, wanted to dig.  We improvised and I gave him a wooden chop stick which worked great!  Conflict successfully avoided!

Digging for Dinosaurs

 We dug on this thing for a while and it really kept the kids’ attention.  We’re still not done, so big plus for mom that this activity will spill over into another day!

Is that a dinosaur bone I see???

Eventually, we put the glow in the dark dino together, too.  And when I say “we”, I mean my husband.  Given my limited engineering skills, I had to call the man in for this one.

All in all, I think this kit is great.  It is reasonably priced AND educational.  AND it was great fun for a toddler and pre-K-er.

It would make a great birthday or Christmas gift, especially if you’ve got a dino lover!  This would also make a great dinosaur birthday party activity…hmmmm….this has got me thinking.  I do have 2 winter birthdays coming up!

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Non-WW Weigh-In #2

Life is hard these days……in so many ways.  And I’m a stress eater.  As you can imagine, I want to eat everything in sight.  I have been trying to be good, but it still looks like I put on about 2 pounds……you know my friends Evil Pound #1 and Evil Pound #2 that I haven’t been able to shake since Christmas?!  Not a shocker, but so not a motivator, either.  Yesterday, I did walk from work to the bus station, which is about a mile.  I haven’t done it in a while due to the heat and rain, but yesterday it was so beautiful outside.  I really enjoyed the walk and am looking forward to fall when I’ll be able to walk outside more.  Until then, I will just keep telling myself “You are not hungry, find something else to do”.

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Life Update

I apologize for the lack of posts this past week.  Life is hectic and stressful these days.

1) The crickets have again taken up home in my basement.  I don’t know how they are getting in or what it is about late August - perhaps the fear of the cold of autumn, but this year, it seems no amount of Home Defense Bug Killer can take out the mutant crickets because my husband and I had to chase this humongous (and super fast) cricket through the living room the other day.  In the battle for territory, I WON!

Mutant Crickets attempt to take residence in my house

2) My garden has pretty much bit the big one this year.  It has been so hot that my corn completely dried up after only giving us 3 crappy pieces of corn, my tomatoes have had a terrible case of stem rot all season from the heat and rain extremes and my cucumbers just never seemed to thrive after the first few heat spells in June.  The only things that seems to be holding on well are the paprika and banana bell peppers and the leek.  With the last batch of half-way tomatoes I picked, I’m going to make bruschetta in a jar (for Xmas gifts - recipe and details to come soon).  But hey - at least the kids are enjoying the peppers!  The Destroyer ate 2 raw banana bells peppers and a cherry tomato last night.  He’s our champion (and healthy) eater!

Yummy Peppers from the Garden

3) My husband is still unemployed, but is learning the ways of frugality (I’m so proud!).  These are his basement shoes - the ones he uses to work around the house or in which he’ll run out to take out the garbage.  Men truly can fix anything with duct tape!

Men can fix ANYTHING with DUCT TAPE!

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Non-WW Weigh-in #1

This is my first week of not going to WW anymore due to my husband’s unemployment.   I’ve made a pact with myself that I’m not going to gain any weight.  I can’t.  Really!  I gave my mom all of my “fat” clothes (since she loaned me most of my wardrobe after I gained so much weight in my first pregnancy anyway).  And I’m not asking for them back.  Really in the grand scheme of things, I would be happy to just maintain.  I honestly haven’t lost any weight since Christmas anyway.  I’ve just been gaining and losing the same 2 pounds over and over, so essentially I’ve been maintaining since then.  So, my new plan is to give you the PASS/FAIL treatment.  This week, I PASSED.  I’m still maintaining.  And I’m even close to that 30 pound goal I had.  About 1 pound close.  I’m going to try my best to keep losing.  I still have another 30 pounds to lose for my ultimate goal of getting back into my pre-kids wardrobe.

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