Reading Challenge

At CheezWaster’s school, in an effort to get the kids to read more, the principal has initiated a Reading Challenge.  IF the kids at the school read 1,000,000 pages by the end of the year, he will dress up like a gorilla and read them stories from the roof of the school while they have a pizza party.  Sounds goofy, right?  Not to a bunch of elementary school kids.  They love the idea.  And man are they motivated to read!  They want pizza and a gorilla reading them stories!  Each day, we keep track of the title of the book and the number of pages we read together, as CheezWaster can’t yet read on his own - though we are working on that through this exercise as well.  We just submitted his first list of pages and the grand total was…………………drum roll please…………………….1065!  Each time a student hands in a list of pages, their name is announced over the loud speaker for the entire school to hear and they are given a coupon for a free sundae at Applebees!  SWEET! And you have no idea how proud CheezWaster was!

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a reader myself and I’ve never been ashamed to admit that.  I have very poor vision and I’m very near sighted.  Reading is somewhat exhausting for me.  With my contacts, I have to hold the book out a mile away.  Without my contacts, I have to hold the book to my nose.  Yes, I know you are thinking the dreaded B word, but bifolcals? Not to mention, I don’t have a lot of time to read.  I feel like I always have to go back to catch up and then I just wind up reading the same few passages over and over.  I’m more of a magazine girl.  I like reading them during my commute on the bus.  I can get my info.  They are short and to the point and each month I get to read about something new.  On occasion, though, there comes along a great read like Ancient Awakening or its sequel Ancient Enemies that I just can’t put down.  I force myself and for that it just has to be good.  But, I want my kids to read.  I want them to like books, the way my husband, the man who can finish a book in one night, likes books.  And so far, this reading challenge has been just the thing to do that.

One comment to publishers though - what the heck happened to page numbers?  Do you know how many books no longer have page numbers?  Take a look?  Especially at kids’ books.  You’ll be surprised!  I have spent many a night recently counting pages in books.

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Phases of the Moon

CheezWaster’s Pre-K class has been talking about the moon.  Each day they talk about what the moon will look like that night.  I think it is in an interesting subject for a bunch of 4 year olds.  More interesting is how much they have taken to it.  My son is like a little Albert Einstein talking about waxing and waning.  He sounds so intellectual.  I’m so impressed.  Even the Destroyer is picking up on it now.  Some days I have this mental image in my head of the bobble heads from A Night At the Museum - just because of their stature.  I just have to chuckle to myself.

Einstein Bobbleheads from Night at the Museum

 CheezWaster’s teacher sent home a web resource so that the class parents could keep updated on the phases of the moon with their children.  The Moon Phases Calendar is a tool or moon schedule that lets you find out the lunar phase for any given month.  The internal phase calculator is very accurate, but the images are approximations. The moon calculations are based on your time zone as specified by your computer.  We enjoy checking the calendar and comparing what we see outside at night.  We also have begun talking about stars and planets.  I know there are times when the kids just want to sit and veg out and watch Pokemon, but I just love hearing my future astronaut? little smarty pants tell me what phase of the moon it is!

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Trio Battle

My floors have been covered with Trio pieces as of late.  My sons AND my husband have been having a battle of the (and I quote the CheezWaster) Most Super Coolest Best Trio Ever.

Battle of The Trio Creations Entry #1

This was CheezWaster’s lastest creation, of which he was so proud………..right up until he saw this:

Battle of The Trio Creations Entry #2

See what happens when 1) you are 4 and 2) Daddy is an Engineer and is unemployed?!  Guess who wins the Battle of the Trio Creations???

Way too much free time on his hands!

The boys (ALL OF THEM) love the Trios.  They are easy to put together - even for the Destroyer - and he loves the click they make so he knows they are snapped in place.  Items range from small, VERY reasonably priced sets (about $10)like Airplanes (which makes an airplane, helicopter, glider) and Boat (makes a boat, a yacht, a sub) to big sets that make castles and farms.  They even just came out with some new sets that are based on the DC Comics and include Batman, Superman, Joker, Mr. Freeze.  We’ve picked up a few for Christmas already because I’m sure they are going to be a hot item!  There is also a big tub of trios that includes various pieces for creative building.  These things are great.  They keep the kids (and quite often the parents) busy for hours.  We like to take the small sets on trips or to non-kid friendly events like formal parties or dinners.

Looking for some for your kids (or your husband)?  Check them out in our Shop!  Remember - if you purchase anything from our Shop, it means I can buy my husband more Trios!!!

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Small Dumper

Small Dumper

 So - the other day we were at the mall and we stopped into Playmobil with the kids.  The Playmobil store is always a great place to stop because 1) they have toys out for the kids to play with 2) after you have schlepped all over the mall they have a place for tired mommies like me to sit down and 3) if your kids beg you for a toy and you are a big sucker like me you can usually find something for less than $5.  While the kids were playing, my husband and I were looking at the wall of “extra” pieces you can buy for their massive sets, as they have some neat and unusual pieces there.  This particular one caught my eye.  I thought wow - what attention to detail.  Those wacky Germans (Playmobil is a German company and yes - I can rag on my own people if I want to) even thought to put a port-a-potty on their construction site playset.  Then, I burst into hysterics.  I mean it.  I was laughing like hell.  I could barely even tell my husband what I was laughing at.  I said, “Honey, look.  They have a port-a-potty for the construction site and they called it a ‘Small Dumper’.”  That is when he started laughing.  Look at the picture closely.  He said, “I think that is what the truck is called.  The port-a-potty is called a “Portable Bathroom”.  Classic!

Doesn’t your child’s playset need a Dumper or a Portable Bathroom?  You know you want one.  C’mon.  It’s funny.  Admit it.  You are laughing with me.  Right?  Check them out in our Shop!

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Who Earned This?


I randomly found this in my wallet tonight.  In case you can’t fully read it, it says “I EARNED THIS MONEY, NOT OBAMA”.  LOL!

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