New Favorite Toy

The Destroyer wants to turn to the good side!


CheezWaster is the New Thor!


My new favorite toy!

You, too, could channel your inner Goddess!  Hammer & Helmet available now in our shop!

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Free Ice Cream Friday - Cranford, NJ

Hey local moms…well anyone really since the coupon doesn’t specify an age group:

Little Scoops in Cranford, NJ is having a free ice cream day on Friday, May 20 from 1 pm - 3 pm.  Print out a coupon for a free scoop of ice cream here and ENJOY!

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Last night I went to a medium.  This was my first time doing anything like this.  I took my mom for Mother’s Day.  Really, I went for her.  11 years ago my brother committed suicide and there is a lot we don’t know about that day or why he did it.  I was hoping that the medium could shed some light on it.  I went in with an open mind.  Frankly, I think most of what the medium said was spot on.  There were a few things that didn’t make sense to me or my mom, but I suspect that often happens in readings.  My mom, I feel, was less open minded.  Things that I tried to connect, she just brushed off.  The medium did connect with my brother, but she didn’t give my mom the answers she was looking for.   She also communicated with my mom’s dad.  At the end of the session, my mom had a tarot reading, which was also very interesting.  I have always been fascinated by psychics and mediums and it was a wonderful experience hearing the things she had to say when communicating with my brother.  And I take solace in the fact that I’m not totally crazy when I smell cigarette smoke in my car.  Apparently, my brother likes to ride next to me.

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Bad Blogger

Holy Cow - was March 25 really the last time I posted?  Bad Me!  Life has sort of taken the reigns lately and I just haven’t been getting here.  First, our computer is still very temperamental.  Just when I’ve managed to edit and upload pictures, it decides to crash losing all of my work.  Secondly, my kitchen ceiling is still leaking.  It has been 4 months and several repairs and no contractor has been able to find the leak entrance.  So much for a new roof!  Anyway, we just had someone do some repairs to the siding when we were also informed that our siding was a “bad job”.  This annoys me to no end as we did a lot of research on the company we used.  They were not some fly by night operation, but during the job there were some questionable workers at my house, about whom I complained at that time.  We’re hoping that this leak is an isolated incident since this part of the house runs into another section of the roof (thankfully the only place on the house this happens).  The contractor informed us that even though the siding job isn’t that great, we should be ok around the rest of the house.  I’m not so sure, but the estimators from my home owner’s insurance agree. Once the leak is stopped, we will at least have our inside repairs taken care of by the insurance.  Telling myself “Newly decorated kitchen” is the only thing that has stopped my head from exploding during this entire nightmare.  And then there is the usual crap in life that takes over - hosting Easter, hosting other family events, events with the kids, sleep (yes, on occasion I have forsaken my blog so I can get some rest).  But, I’m hoping to be back on the band wagon now that many of my obligations have been fulfilled.  Thanks for sticking by and hanging in.

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Itchy & Red

Well, I’m still itchy and red.  At this point no one has any idea what is giving me this allergic reaction.  Earlier this week, I went to a new allergist.  After reading many positive comments about him online, my first mistake was getting my hopes up.  Because in typical fashion, this doctor told me my reaction wasn’t “typical” or “normal”.  (I think we’ve already established that none of my reactions are ever typical or normal and I really hate doctors who think that if you don’t react like everyone else, there clearly isn’t anything wrong with you or it is all in your head).  That being said, he continued to tell me that he had no idea what was causing my reaction, that he didn’t feel any tests were necessary and that he really couldn’t help me.  Oh….and he was sorry.  And I had to pay $20 to hear that (mistake #2).  It is clear that this reaction is going to be a difficult one to diagnose given the various spots it is appearing on my body (chest, neck, forearms).  Thank God for my PCP who actually cares about my well being.  Firstly, he gave me steroids so that I didn’t have to put on the mittens from scratching my skin raw.  Secondly, he thinks I’m having some sort of reaction to a fragrance, given that this all started after I used the new J&J shampoo and it is mostly concentrated on my neck and chest.  I am beginning to think that he is right.  Last night, after I gave my kids a bath, my hands were super red and itchy again.  I was using a different baby shampoo, but it, too, contained fragrance.  SO - my first step in this reaction is to attempt to go fragrance free for a while and see what happens.  This made me a little nervous thinking I was going to have a difficult time finding products, but believe it or not, I was able to find quite a good selection in a main stream drug store like the Walgreens.  I also began thinking about how much in our daily lives contains fragrance.  We are going to have to do some serious product replacement in our house. And then, a bigger thought came to mind…..what about work and when you are not at home?  You can’t even wash your hands without being exposed to fragrance.

Last night I started by purchasing the following fragrance free items: Neutrogena Naturals Face and Body Bar, Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant Stick - Unscented, CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder, and CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Liquid Makeup (all available in the Fragrance Free section of our shop!)  Today at work, instead of washing my hands, I’ve been using Fragrance Free Wet Ones wipes, which conveniently come in single serve packs.

I’m already a user of fragrance free detergent, but then I got to thinking…..what about my stain remover, what about my dish detergent, my dishwasher detergent?  Right now, I’m trying to replace products that directly touch my skin.  Since I am quite a sensitive person, I don’t like trying new things all at once, because if something else makes me react, then we are back at square one wondering what is giving me a reaction.  I’m also a little nervous about switching my makeup.  I’ve used the same brand for so long and because it was water based and a bit unique to apply, I felt like a complete spaz today attempting to put on Cover Girl.  I also wasn’t ecstatic about the lack of adequate coverage it offered, however, if this will help clear up my skin, then it is what I have to do.  To this day, we still don’t know why have so much trouble with my face and why nothing has ever cleared it up.  If fragrance has been my demon all along, there is only one way to figure it out……go fragrance free!

I also found that doing a search for Fragrance Free on brought up a great selection of products for all different aspects of daily life - from beauty to cleaning products. So, now the journey begins to attempt to figure out what is bothering me.  Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted!

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