Kids’ Party Invitation Etiquette - UPDATE

Per my previous post, I made the first move with regard to RSVPing to the other party.  We decided that we are going to go.  I politely let the other mother know that there was a chance that we would be late due to the clean-up of our party, but that we were going to attend.  She clearly was waiting for my response, because within a half hour after my email was sent, she responded that she would attend our party, as well.  I’m planning to send CheezWaster home with my parents while we clean-up.  This way, he will have an appropriate amount of time to rest and recoup for the next party.  I’m hoping this will be a fun day of birthday celebrations!

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Kids’ Party Invitation Etiquette

I’m facing a bit of a dilemma this week.  We sent out the invitations at school for CheezWaster’s 4th birthday party this past Tuesday.  They would have gone out the week earlier, but he missed school due to illness.  Yesterday, CheezWaster comes home and there is an invitation to a birthday party in his folder that is scheduled for the SAME day as his.  The time is in the evening (from 5 - 7 pm - stupid time - over dinner time and isn’t that kind of late for a 4 year old’s party???) whereas ours is in the morning (from 11am - 2 pm).  However, I can’t help but feel annoyed at this.  If I had received this invitation first, I would have changed the day of my party so that the children could attend both if they wanted to.  Now, CheezWaster is pitted against another classmate and we’ve already had someone call us with a decline telling us they had another birthday party that day (clearly they knew about this other party before the rest of the class).  AND to make matters worse - the mother of PARTY DAY STEALER has NOT yet responded to our party.


1) Do we go to this kid’s party - even though my son will probably be exhausted from his own party (we’re training super heroes, you know?!) and has said that he doesn’t really play with this kid??? (we opted to invite all of the kids in the class, as that is how a few other mothers have done their parties - the last party only had 5 kids of the 18 in the class - so far we have one decline and one positive RSVP from the class).

2) Do I wait and see how they respond to our party? (their RSVP date is before ours, but our invitation came out first)

I personally think that this mother should respond to my party first since our invitation went out first.  I know I shouldn’t get so worked up about this, but I really am quite annoyed at the whole thing.  If this were me and I decided to keep the party on the same day, I would have sent a personal email or made a phone call to the mother of the other kid before these invites went out.  But, I guess that is what separates a classy mommy like me from the Party Day Stealer Mom.

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Racing our Hot New Motorcycle

By far the coolest gift my kids (well any of us really!) received this Christmas was the Handcrafted All Carved Wood Motorcycle Rocker that my father-in-law made.  The entire motorcycle is handcrafted from wood and then painted.  My husband, the leather-worker, fashioned the leather seat (behind my back - apparently everyone knew about this thing except  me…..always the last to know).  My FIL even found a revving motor for the handlebars, not to mention the wheels actually move and the handlebars turn.  Because I can’t thank him enough for this beautiful masterpiece, I have to publicly acknowledge all of his hard work, time and skill that went into this.  There are rumors flying that he was still working on this on Xmas Eve.

Carved Wood Handcrafted Motorcycle

The boys have had a blast both riding & enjoying their hot, little motorcycle!  Not to mention taking on their new biker personas and beating the crap out of each other deciding who is going to ride first.  Uncle Marc would be so proud!

Vroom! Vroom!

And here’s the man behind the magic - Grandpa Chuck.  Check out more of his beautiful work here.

The Man Behind The Magic

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Santa’s Drink Options

Most kids leave Santa cookies and MILK.  Not my kids.  We left Santa OPTIONS.  When Santa arrived at our house on Christmas Eve, he had his choice of Milk, Juice, Beer (pictured below and we later added a cup of seltzer, too).  I”ll give you 10 guesses on what Santa drank?  You know my brother owns a brewery and is a brewmaster, right? Of course Santa drank the beer!  If you had your choice of beer or milk, what would you pick?!

Beverage Choices for Santa

And just to make sure Santa had something tasty to go along with his BEER, I give you the Santa’s Cookie Quality Control Team!

Santa's Cookie Quality Control Team

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Circus/Carnival Party

Last weekend, The Destroyer celebrated his 2nd birthday.  We threw him a circus/carnival birthday party in the fellowship hall of our church.  The kids had plenty of space to run around and had a blast playing the games.

After calling several local clowns and all but falling over at their prices (If things don’t work out at my current job, I’m so becoming a clown!), I decided to purchase the Klutz Balloon Twisting book and some extra balloons.   My  husband (and later at the party, my brother) turned out to be the balloon twisting champion.  All I could make was a sword and a spastic looking dog. Below is a picture of Balloon Animal Training Camp.  My husband is actually making a magic wand in this picture.

Balloon Animal Training Camp

Since most of the carnival/circus paper goods I purchased from Oriental Trading had a red, yellow and blue pattern, I stuck with those colors.  One of the cute items I found on OT was the circus tent straw cups which are in the bottom right of this photo.  They were a big hit with the kiddies!  We started the party with finger foods including shrimp cocktail, a pretzel tray, cheez doodles, chips & dip and a veggie tray.  We later ordered pizza as the main dish.

Circus Party Food Table

Each table was decorated with a popcorn tub (found in the Target dollar spot) filled with popcorn.  I attached the balloons with those clippy things they sell to hold balloon down.  I surrounded the popcorn tub with little packs of animal crackers.

Circus Party Table Settings

Up close shot of the table centerpieces.  Several people told me that these animal crackers were awesome.  They, too, came from Oriental Trading.

Circus Party Table Centerpieces

I had a few games for the kids to play which included a Lollipop Tree, which I made from a plain old styrofoam cone and mini swirl lollipops from Oriental Trading.  I marked a few as the special pops which allowed the kids a bigger prize.  Since there were some tiny tots invited to the party, I did the fish game.  I found these fish (which floated beautifully) at the Christmas Tree Shop.  One fish was marked as the big winner.  The prizes were all animal toys from Oriental Trading (clappers, fish bouncy balls, animal pads & pencils, animal print sunglasses).

Circus Party Games

We also had a fish ring toss purchased from Oriental Trading and a circus themed bean bag toss purchase from Party City.  I found the circus cutouts online at Party Cheap. 

More Circus Party Games

The night before the party, I had the brilliant idea of doing a pin the tail on the donkey style game, but using the Destroyer’s face for a clown.  I drew the no-faced clown on posterboard with crayons and then printed a matching sized photo of the Destroyer onto cardstock.  Each face had a piece of double stick tape (from 3M) on the back.  When it was each kid’s turn, we put their name on the Destroyer’s face piece and let ‘em at it.  I’m very proud to say that outside of splashing in the fish game water, this game was the hit of the party!

Make Your Kid a Clown Circus Party Game

I purchased this Ka-Boom photo op online at Party Cheap.  It was surprisingly cheap (about $5).  I took pictures of each child that attended the party.

Circus Party Photo Op

I had originally planned to make the Popcorn Cupcakes from the Hello Cupcake book, but time did not allow.  I picked up this clown cake at Costco.  Mmmm….cake.  (If you didn’t already know, Costco makes really good cakes.)

Circus Party Clown Cake

 All in all, a good time was had by both the kids and the adults.

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