WW Update - Week 33

Pounds lost in Week 33: -1 pound

Total weight lost so far : 25.2 pounds

Well, it looks like January is going from bad to worse.  Last week, I lost no weight, but didn’t gain either.  This week, I gained a pound.  But, I did go and stand on the scale, even though I had a sneaking suspicion that the scale was going to be up….unlike some other people who read this blog who shall remain nameless (you know who you are!)  :)   LOL - friend guilt…gotta love it!

I know what the problem was, though, so that is at least a step in the right direction.  Since the Destroyer’s birth, I get raging migraines the day before and every day of my period.  I’ve talked to different doctors and outside of a very expensive, fabulous little pill that makes them all go away, but that my insurance unfortunately won’t cover, I can’t seem to get rid of them.  This is a not an uncommon occurrence for women, I’m told.  Anyway - the one thing that keeps me going for that special week of the month is my little bottle of Excedrin Migraine and Coke (the caffeine helps the Excedrin work better and faster - no lie - my doctor told me this!)  Last week, the migraines were BAD.  And I drank A LOT of coke.  Oh and then there was the cookies and donut I ate on Sunday.

I’m sort of dreading this week foodwise, too.  Saturday is CheezWaster’s birthday party.  Then, there is the party at his school next week.  So, this week the normally Dorito shaped devil sitting on my shoulder will be replaced by the cupcake shaped one.  Here’s to hoping that the scale shaped angel will be sitting on the other shoulder this week!

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WW Update - Week 32

Pounds lost in Week 32: 0 pounds

Total weight lost so far : 26.2 pounds

As you can see from the above, I stayed the exact same weight this week.  Over the weekend, we had a birthday party and a play date.  I tried to stick to the veggie tray at the party rather than the other crap, but the dip was oh so yummy (and fattening, I’m sure!).  At the play day, I ate my fair share of brownies and munchkins.  Overall, I’m happy with the results of this week.  Any week when I don’t gain weight is a good week in my book.  I’m hoping to start using some of my exercise stuff I got for Xmas this week, but I still have this nagging cough which only seems to get progressively worse the more I exert myself (excuses, excuses!).

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Crappy Desserts

OK Weight Watchers - listen up and listen good:  When you are on a diet  weight management plan all you want is dessert (ok - well that maybe that is just me).  It doesn’t have to be decadent, but it does have to taste good.  No one wants to eat dessert that looks like animal terd or tastes like it. 

Yesterday, I made 2 Weight Watcher cookie recipes.  One went straight in the garbage after the first batch finished baking (note to readers - that would be the angel food cake mix and jelly recipe given to me by my WW leader - if you get it - RUN, as fast as you can away from it!).  The second cookie I made was this chocolate cookie.  I printed my recipe directly from the WW website, so I know this is definitely one of theirs.  The saving grace of this cookie was the fact that I used a very deep, very expensive cocoa.  Otherwise it tasted like a weak ass, wannabe brownie.  Last night, probably because I was SOridiculously in need of something sweet, I thought they tasted AWESOME.  Today - not so much.  I now understand why Cheezwaster took one bite and threw the rest of the cookie in the garbage.  Is there no one at Weight Watchers that can design a dessert recipe that actually tastes like dessert?  Previously, I had also made a “muffin” recipe from their cookbook, which 1) was not sweet at all and 2) was nothing like a muffin (more like a biscuit).  Another disappointment.  I think from now on, I’m just going to stop wasting ingredients in my pantry and just save points and go for the good/real stuff.  A small piece of REAL brownie would satify me a million times more than the whole batch of chocolate cookies I made yesterday.  Another Lesson Learned.

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WW Update - Week 31

Pounds lost in Week 31: 3.4 pounds

Total weight lost so far : 26.2 pounds

And I’m back in the game!!!  Tracking is clearly the key to my success.  I went back to writing down everything that went into my mouth.  Last week my WW leader said, “If you bite it, you write it” and man, was she right.  During all of my previous success, I did the tracker.  Then, I stopped during the holidays.  STUPID MISTAKE……and a lesson learned.  I also did some things that I didn’t even do during my previous success.  Firstly, I said No to the Almighty McDonald’s.  While the rest of the family ate McD’s, I ate a cauliflower souffle and salad.  It was hard, but I really enjoyed my souffle, so it didn’t seem that bad.  I drank more water.  And I listened to Kate Moss….well, sort of.  Kate once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.  And while I don’t advocate stick thin figures who maintain their bodies via a diet of starvation and cocaine, I do advocate thinking about the food choices you make.  I could have eaten McD’s.  I had the points.  It probably would have tasted better to me - AT THAT MOMENT.  But, the souffle was a better AND healthier choice - AND I enjoyed that, too.

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WW Update - Week 30

Pounds lost in Week 30: -1.4 pound

Total weight lost so far : 22.8 pounds

The last two weeks of loss shocked the hell out of me at weigh-ins, but alas, my holiday eating has finally caught up with me.    I honestly think that 2 weeks ago, I was too busy to eat.  Not this week, though!  But, as my WW leader said last night, that is all in the past and this is a New Year.  So - back on track.  Back to tracking, starting to exercise and back to losing!

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