WW Update - Week 38

Pounds lost in Week 38: -1.4 pounds

Total weight lost so far : 24.2 pounds

Dear Body,

Have I told you how much you SUCK lately?  Let’s forget about the fact that I gained weight this week, which I believe is largely in part due to the fact that I have massive bloating, unbearable migraines and sweet/salty cravings from having my period for the SECOND time this month.  I’ve also put aside any bad feelings about the acne/allergy mess you’ve dumped on my face for the past 20 years.  Um Hello?  I’m 34, not 14!  I take good care of you.  I don’t smoke.  I don’t drink.  I more or less eat healthy and I try to get some exercise.  But, you continue to throw me curveballs.  I’ve seen every specialist under the sun and while they all tell me I look great on paper, my outwardly appearance would suggest otherwise (Was I some sort of vain bitch in a past life?).  Can’t we come to a better arrangement?  Pretty Please?

Sincerely Yours,

The Management

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WW Update - Week 37

Pounds lost in Week 37: .2 of a pound

Total weight lost so far : 25.6 pounds

I totally have to laugh at this week’s weight loss.  A bit of a TMI here, but I honestly believe that had I not taken a big ole crap before I went to WW, then I wouldn’t have been so lucky.  But, as I always say, ANY loss is a good loss.  While it is but a VERY small step toward my 35 more pounds goal, it is still a step in the right direction….DOWN!

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WW Update - Week 36

Pounds lost in Week 36: 1.6 pounds

Total weight lost so far : 25.4 pounds

This week was a good one.  It didn’t quite make up for my gain last week, but almost!  Last night we had a substitute WW leader and while I didn’t find his presentation as uplifting as my usual WW leader, I did like that since there weren’t many people at last night’s meeting, he went around to the familiar faces and asked how they were doing.  We chatted for a few minutes and it was nice to get some individual attention, something that I think is lacking with the WW program.  He was very inspiring in his words.

I’m going to Florida on vacation and I’d like to be able to wear my pre-children clothes by then.  That being said, my goal now is to lose 35 more pounds by mid-November.  That would put me at the exact weight I was before I had children AND into all of the clothes still in my drawers and closet.  It is doable.  I would need to lose 4 pounds a month.  A very realistic goal.  I still won’t be at “goal” according to WW.  But, frankly, I don’t think I will ever hit “goal” for my height.  The last time I weighed that weight, I was chock full of food allergies and literally starving.  I honestly would be REALLY HAPPY to hit this 35 pound goal by November.  I truly would be happy at that weight.

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WW Update - Week 35 (and a Crumbs review!)

Pounds lost in Week 35: -2.2 pound

Total weight lost so far : 23.8 pounds

OK, I’m so with my dear friend Chris when I say WTF?  Ok, yes - I went out for Valentine’s Day dinner a bit early this weekend.  Yes, we had dessert.  Yes, we visited Crumbs bakery afterwards and sampled.  But, I did not eat 2.2 pounds of fat this weekend. Oh, did I mention it is that horrible time of the month?  Can PMS add 2.2 pounds to my ass?  I guess we’ll find out next Monday.  More likely it was this:

Cupcakes from Crumbs

Crumbs, one of the more famous New York City bakeries, just opened a location not far from me.  Like any good food blog reader, I had to check it out and do some tasting.  I purchased 5 cupcakes and 1 cookie to the tune of $22.  Yes, $22.  And I totally regret it.  1) the cupcakes were nothing special.  2) I gained 2.2 pounds this week.  We tried the coconut, the caramel apple, the cappuccino, the tiramisu and the red velvet cupcakes.  The coconut cupcake was a yellow cake with plain white frosting and coconut on top.  You could barely taste the coconut.  The caramel apple was the best of the 5.   The cake was very spicy, there was an apple pie-like filling in the middle, and it was drizzled with caramel.  I’m not a frosting person, but the frosting on the cappuccino was great.  Like drinking some sugar with your coffee.  The tiramisu was ok.  It tasted like tiramisu minus the strong coffee flavor.  The red velvet, by far, was the most disappointing.  The cake itself was good, however, the frosting was plain and white.  Cardinal sin #1 on a red velvet cake is too leave off the cream cheese icing.  And thus ended my disappointment….well almost…..right until I got on the scale today.  Needless to say, I’m done with Crumbs.  I have made my first and last visit there.  $22 worth of mediocre cupcakes was SO NOT worth the 2.2 pounds.  Were was Kate Moss when I needed her???

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WW Update - Week 34

Pounds lost in Week 34: .8 pound

Total weight lost so far : 26 pounds

When I texted my husband to tell him that I lost weight this week, he responded “How did you manage that?” - to which I responded, “Hell, if I know.”  This weekend was CheezWaster’s birthday and while I did a fair amount of going up and down the stairs at our church hall doing set up, I still ate cake and brownies and pizza…..and the list of crap food goes on.  I did try and plan for it by saving up points as I knew I was already in the hole with my pound gain from last week and it looks like it paid off.  I’m still down .2 from my original low weight, but now that the holidays and all of the birthdays are over, I’m vowing to see the numbers 27 and 28 and well, you know.

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