At Least It Isn't An Infestation!

Last weekend, this mysterious rash appeared on my legs and arms.  (i know - me, with a skin problem?  SHOCKER!)

Allergic reaction on leg

It itches like hell and I was totally freaking thinking my husband brought bed bugs home from his trip or some other nasty little bug had infested us. I, of course, hit the internet searching of pictures of bed bug bites and thought for sure I had contracted scabies (after looking at some of the nastiest skin disease pictures you can imagine). But after no one else in the house seemed to have any problems, I doubted the bug theory. I finally saw the doctor who told me I was having an allergic reaction…….of unknown origin. Great! After living for 15 years with massive food allergies and finally being able to live a normal life for the past 4 years (thank god for age 30 - the body changed and the allergies went away), I now have an allergic reaction to god knows what. Needless to say, I’ll be tossing all of the lotions in my house that I’ve been using forever, since one of them is most likely the culprit, given the location of the rash. I’m now fully medicated (2 meds!) and feeling less itchy, which is a B-I-G relief because I was about to scratch my skin raw over the weekend.

Oh, and did I mention one of the side effects of one of my meds is psychic derangement? GOOD TIMES!

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1 Response to “At Least It Isn't An Infestation!”

  1. Chris wrote:

    Oh man! Psychic derangement? What fun! Can’t wait to read the blogs that brings on! LOL!

    P.S. - hope the itchiness goes away. That sucks!

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