WW Update - Week 35 (and a Crumbs review!)

Pounds lost in Week 35: -2.2 pound

Total weight lost so far : 23.8 pounds

OK, I’m so with my dear friend Chris when I say WTF?  Ok, yes - I went out for Valentine’s Day dinner a bit early this weekend.  Yes, we had dessert.  Yes, we visited Crumbs bakery afterwards and sampled.  But, I did not eat 2.2 pounds of fat this weekend. Oh, did I mention it is that horrible time of the month?  Can PMS add 2.2 pounds to my ass?  I guess we’ll find out next Monday.  More likely it was this:

Cupcakes from Crumbs

Crumbs, one of the more famous New York City bakeries, just opened a location not far from me.  Like any good food blog reader, I had to check it out and do some tasting.  I purchased 5 cupcakes and 1 cookie to the tune of $22.  Yes, $22.  And I totally regret it.  1) the cupcakes were nothing special.  2) I gained 2.2 pounds this week.  We tried the coconut, the caramel apple, the cappuccino, the tiramisu and the red velvet cupcakes.  The coconut cupcake was a yellow cake with plain white frosting and coconut on top.  You could barely taste the coconut.  The caramel apple was the best of the 5.   The cake was very spicy, there was an apple pie-like filling in the middle, and it was drizzled with caramel.  I’m not a frosting person, but the frosting on the cappuccino was great.  Like drinking some sugar with your coffee.  The tiramisu was ok.  It tasted like tiramisu minus the strong coffee flavor.  The red velvet, by far, was the most disappointing.  The cake itself was good, however, the frosting was plain and white.  Cardinal sin #1 on a red velvet cake is too leave off the cream cheese icing.  And thus ended my disappointment….well almost…..right until I got on the scale today.  Needless to say, I’m done with Crumbs.  I have made my first and last visit there.  $22 worth of mediocre cupcakes was SO NOT worth the 2.2 pounds.  Were was Kate Moss when I needed her???

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5 Responses to “WW Update - Week 35 (and a Crumbs review!)”

  1. Chris wrote:

    I’m so sorry! That just sucks.

    And how awful about the cupcakes. Not only does it seem like a waste of money (based on your review) AND a gain. Ugh.

    Gah! What the heck is going on. I have company this weekend, but I’m thinking Monday I need to kick my butt somehow. I just don’t know what’s going on with me lately. I hope I’m not rubbing off on you!

  2. mamamamahoney wrote:

    I’m in the same boat - I just can’t get motivated to exercise or stick to plan. I’m having that deprivation feeling again - the kind where I feel so deprived it just makes me want to eat everything I’m not supposed to. It comes and goes, but lately it has been sticking around a lot. I hate the fact that I haven’t had a decent weight loss since September. Something has got to give. Let’s both try and be good this week and hopefully we’ll both have some good news to share next week! and thanks (as always) for the support!

  3. Chris wrote:

    I’m with ya. My lowest was the first week in Oct. and now I’m playing with the same 5 pounds. What’s up with that??? So frustrating. Extended plateaus are not fun.

    I have a crazy weekend coming up, so I am starting completely fresh on Monday. Not that I’m going crazy the rest of the week per se, but I have a friend coming in from Wisconsin on Thursday, then two other friends are coming Sat., so you know the weekend will get all upside down. So, while I am going to try not to go overboard, I am aiming for Monday, when everyone has left as the basis for getting myself back on track. The good thing is Lent starts next Wednesday. I always do well in Lent.

  4. Kristina wrote:

    So disappointing that the cupcakes weren’t even any good…there are several cupcake places here in Chicago, luckily none in my neighborhood, makes it easier to stay away because I could easily be sucked in.

    I wish I could send some of my motivation and good weigh-ins your way…I had two great weeks when I really picked up my running, then last week I think my body went through an adjustment to the new exercise and had no loss, which I was ok with. This week seems to be back on track which helps keep me motivated. I like to set mini goals too…like we are going to Phoenix/Vegas in mid-March and I set a (realistic) goal weight for that trip. It helps my motivation that I will see a bunch of people that have not seen me since there was 60 pounds more of me.

    Don’t quit…just keep thinking of all the fun clothes you will need to buy for summer because you lost so much weight!! It makes me smile every time!

  5. mamamamahoney wrote:

    Reading your comments is definitely motivation, so thanks for sending it my way. It is nice to hear about other people’s success and that combined with fitting into smaller clothes and seeing the weight loss on myself are definitely the best motivators of all. Keep up the good work and keep sending those weight loss vibes my way! Thanks!

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