Lottery Bouquet Basket

My husband’s grandmother turned 90 last week.  As part of her gift, I made her a lottery ticket bouquet basket.

Lottery Ticket Bouquet Basket

I started out with a decorative metal bucket that I found in the Easter section of Target.  I purchased a half circle of floral foam at AC Moore which I covered with craft moss.  I inserted various colored butterfly card holder picks which I purchased from an online floral supply company.  I also inserted 2 ladybug picks for added decoration (and because ladybugs stand for good luck in many cultures).  The white you see is the birthday card, in which I also included a penny from 1920, the year she was born, for the scratching of the lotto tickets.

Butterfly Floral Card Holder Picks

When I originally tossed this idea around, my thought was that I would intersperse real flowers with the lotto tickets making it a full bouquet.  However, upon seeing it finished with just the lotto tickets, we (my husband, his aunt & uncle and I) all agreed that less was more and this looked cute as it was.

You could do a much smaller version of this in a terra cotta pot!  It sure would make a great teacher gift for Teacher Appreciation week next week!

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